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Digital Workflow

The classic workflow in planning chains consists of a large number of sub-processes and the time-consuming manual processing of various, unrelated individual files. The consistency of the data can only be ensured by active input and control.

To ensure the highest level of planning security for you and for us, we have integrated a partially automated digital workflow into our working methodology, in which we let you participate from start to finish.

Among other things, we help ourselves with specially developed scripts that allow us to link a wide variety of file formats and automate iterative work steps. The automation of various work steps reduces the potential for errors and the time required. This gives us more time, freedom and space for creative things – for our actual work: the development of the architectural concept and its detailed elaboration.

We have divided our digital workflow into three main areas:


Taking into account all project-specific boundary conditions and individual user requirements, we create a digital input for our BIM-based planning.

Automation / data visualisation

Here, the read-in and evaluated parameters are visualised in an intuitively understandable way.

In addition, we offer you the opportunity to experience your project in real space.

Evaluation / Assessment

In the third step, we create a presentation for you for better decision-making.

Your preferred variant is then further elaborated and provided with new, additional parameters.

In this way, we approach the best design concept iteratively together with you.

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