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Real-time rendering

Visualising the future

Sketches and perspectives can convey an initial idea well and are an important tool for an architect to give thoughts and designs an image.

But when it comes to checking moods and atmospheres in advanced planning phases, we rely on real-time renderings: with our state-of-the-art visualisation tools, we bring ideas to life. Colour and material concepts can also be experienced in this way in real time and in a holistic context.

In video or image format, you get a feel early on for the effect your project could achieve later: Is the choice of materials the right one? How does the spatial effect change with variable glass proportions? With our real-time visualisation tools, you can make a decision quickly and in a visually appealing way.

BUE_KdInt_010_echtzeit-rendering_slider BUE_KdInt_011_echtzeit-rendering_slider

Do you feel like diving into your model? You can also test our VR Experience!

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