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Alles von überall: Wir leben die digitale Kunden-Integration


Customer integration

Do you remember the times when you had to travel far to the architect, spent many hours in meetings, and had to invest a lot of energy and communication in stabilizing the planning chains?

Our innovative customer integration tools enable you to permanently and visually integrate into the digital planning processes. This enables us to reduce coordination processes by around 30% and use the time for in-depth topics.

Our systemic approach enables you to digitally plan your building completely and consistently. Efficient, convenient and independent of location.

With us, you can optimize the decision-making process right from the start, also using visual data evaluation

With our automated visual data evaluation, you can keep track of your project at all times.

Project-specific factors are clearly illustrated and make it easier for you to make the best decision for your construction project.

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Get real-time insight into the planning chain

Through our automated coordination of the supply and planning chain, we enable an iterative and digital workflow together with you.

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Real-time insight into the planning chain
Photo-realistic visualization of a villa

With us you experience digital planning as photo-realistic visualization

To visually check planning variants, we render our BIM models in real time – VR and AR ready!

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With our digital assistant we will navigate you to all interfaces

Take part in the development of our new digital assistant.

With this you will have access to your project data – in real time! The digital assistant will be available to you at any time in the form of our own app. Dates, project data pool or real-time fact check – all bundled in one place for you.

Digital collaboration in real time

Get to know a completely new kind of digital collaboration

With our digital tools we enable you to participate in the planning in real time. Discussed contents are immediately taken over into the planning as a result.

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Experience digital planning in real space with augmented reality

The virtual building model is available online 24/7. With our augmented reality tools, you can experience this together both in the planning process and on the construction site.

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Print your own prototype with us

With our 3D models, you can also physically participate in the design development. Upon request, we can create model variants to enable a better and faster decision when choosing your favorite.