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Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy, Bochum
The Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy, founded in 2019, will have its own building. On the development site of the former Opel plant in Bochum, Eller + Eller Architekten are planning a 12,000 sqm new building in the science city of Bochum with Meyer Architekten.
Siemens Healthineers Campus Bengaluru, birds eye view
Siemens Healthineers Campus Bengaluru
The Bengaluru campus will become the new ‘Innovation Hub’ of Siemens Healthineers India from 2025. The employees will work interdisciplinary in the areas of research, development and production in the approx. 175,000 m² GFA complex. The guiding concept for this innovative working world is characterised by collaboration, communication and transparency as well as extraordinary sustainability.
Boardinghouse, Tonhallenstraße, Düsseldorf
Boardinghouse Tonhallenstraße, Düsseldorf
The new boarding house has a central location in Düsseldorf's bustling city centre. With a total of 42 flats and studios on 7 floors, it offers up to 98 guests a comfortable environment for a longer stay in the state capital.
Mizal, Creative Campus WPP, Düsseldorf
Mizal, Creative Campus WPP, Düsseldorf
MIZAL occupies a prominent place at the entrance to Düsseldorf's Media Harbour. As a modern office campus, the project follows the guiding principle of open and communicative working. A special feature is the maintenance-free closed-cavity façade, which is the largest in Germany.
DATEV Technology Campus, Nürnberg
The DATEV Campus is a further development of the classic campus facility. The functional areas, which are usually spatially separated, are logistically and scenographically layered on top of each other and gain additional potential for communication, interaction and collaboration through newly defined path relationships.
Pandion Makerspace, Berlin
Architecture is a public matter. It creates urban figures that support life and encourage creativity. With this office building, Pandion is creating an urban pioneer of working worlds in an area that has so far been little developed for this use; this is both an opportunity for the neighbourhood and a challenge. The architecture supports and promotes motivation, communication skills, creativity, team spirit and social competences of the employees.
Blue green Ring, Incubator of Creativity, Düsseldorf
Blue-Green Ring, Düsseldorf
Our contribution to this international competition is thinking the state capital into the future. What could Düsseldorf look like in 30 years? The city does not need to reinvent itself. It can continue to focus on the international significance of its diverse quality of life if the unique qualities are clearly highlighted and strengthened.
Corporate headquarters/campus of Leipziger Stadtwerke
The subject of the planning competition was the construction of several new office buildings on the future south-east campus of Leipziger Stadtwerke as well as the open space design of the campus, taking into account the existing buildings, some of which are listed.
SIEMENS Gateway Gardens, Frankfurt/Main
SIEMENS Gateway Gardens, Frankfurt/Main
The six-storey office building for Siemens is located near the airport in Frankfurt's "Gateway Gardens" district. With its open, communicative, flexible character, it creates a modern working environment for office work, conferences and further education.A central stair sculpture connects all floors; the entire working and communication world is built around it.
Urban Campus, Berlin
Urban Campus, Berlin
The Urban Campus consistently follows the all-in-one principle, which focuses on innovative spirit, communication and work-life integration: From sustainable construction and mobility to smart workspaces, fitness facilities, wellbeing and childcare. This is how the Urban Campus promotes team spirit, Employee satisfaction and productivity.
Viessmann Experience LAB, Allendorf
Viessman Experience Lab, Allendorf
What can the workplace of the future look like in a sustainably changing and internationally networked working world? Which space typologies support a flexible and collaborative company organisation? After winning a competition organised by Viessmann, we explored these questions in several workshops with company employees.
Bayer Open Innovation Center, Berlin
Bayer Open Innovation Center, Berlin
The campus in Berlin's Nordhafenpark is designed as a modern working environment of corporate architecture. All workplaces create a multifunctional offering with a variety of individual, shared, open and closed work areas to promote togetherness and generate innovative knowledge together.
Shift Haircare, Berlin
Shift Haircare, Berlin
We planned the interior fittings for a hairdressing salon in Berlin-Schöneberg, taking into account listed areas.
Residential Tower Vienna
With a height of 72 and 34 metres, the two residential towers clearly mark the north-western corner of the new area in Vienna's 19th district. The facetted bending of the façades leads to an increase in plasticity, with a vividly changing perception over the course of the day and the sun.
Henkel Z20, Düsseldorf
Henkel Z20, Düsseldorf
The administration building from 1965 was refurbished during ongoing operations. It has 6 storeys and has an enormous spatial depth of approx. 40 metres. The existing cellular offices were restructured into a modern open-plan office with flexible, open interior zones and approx. 1,000 workstations.
Hotel Tower Heiligenstadt Vienna
Within an ensemble of five high-rise buildings planned in Vienna's 19th district, characterised by a mixture and combination of living, working and leisure, this 88 m high hotel high-rise stands as a solitaire next to the other high-rise residential buildings connected by a common base.
Theatre Dortmund
The Dortmund Theatre was continuously used as an opera house, theatre and playhouse during the reconstruction of the existing building and the new building. The workshops and functional areas were relocated internally to other rooms and outsourced externally if required.
Heidestraße Quarter, Berlin
How do you develop and set framework conditions to achieve a lively mix of living and working in houses and public spaces? This competition for a plot of land in the centre of Berlin focused on the potential to develop a new, independent district and to reflect on its urban and sociological character.
Innovation Campus, München-Freimann
The office campus in Munich's Freimann district will be realised in 4 construction phases with a total gross floor area of 83,000 m². On construction site A, we are realising a block with seven storeys and a fully built-over ground floor.
TVS Research and Development Centre, Bengaluru
For the premium motorbike manufacturer TVS Motor Company, a campus master plan was developed for the expansion of the existing production facilities in Bengaluru, India. The task was to work out a strategic system of standardised elements for new research and development offices, laboratories and workshops.
House of World Cultures, Berlin
House of World Cultures, Berlin
The House of World Cultures in Berlin is being comprehensively modernised and repaired by us. Built in 1957 as a congress hall and affectionately called the "pregnant oyster" by Berliners, the building was rededicated as the House of World Cultures in 1989 after partial collapse, reconstruction and vacancy in order to promote dialogue between the continents.