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Unsere Referenzprojekte

Hessenwald School, Weiterstadt
The learning concept developed by the Hessenwald School envisages a "fractal school" in which spatially differentiated year groups are to offer the pupils an independent identification space. Based on this, our concept is based on three buildings, each of which houses two year groups.
Cafeteria of the Couven-Gymnasium, Aachen
The new school canteen was built as part of an investment programme by the city of Aachen to enable after-school care in the context of the shortened school day (G8).
European Business School, German Law School, Wiesbaden
In the competition for the new building of the German Law School in Wiesbaden, the entry by Eller + Eller Architekten was awarded 1st prize. The building complements the three-winged structure of the solitary building and closes the block structure.
Retirement home, nursing home, kindergarten, Duisburg
Senior citizens’ home, kindergarten, Duisburg
In Duisburg-Ruhrort, Haniel's building ensemble was supplemented by a senior citizens' home with 80 care places and an integrative kindergarten.
Naval Engineering School, Parow
The largest and most modern training facility of the German Navy is located in Parwow on the strait between Rügen and the mainland. Three training and education buildings with a gross floor area of 28,888 m² were built at the Strelasund Barracks.
Haniel Academy and Guest House, Duisburg
The Haniel Group operates an academy for executive training at its headquarters in Duisburg. The 12,650 m² GFA complex, consisting of several buildings, is embedded in a landscape-like sculpture park.