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PRADUS Medical Center, Düsseldorf

The property is located in Düsseldorf’s city centre opposite the Ständehaus not far from the Rheinkniebrücke bridge on the corner of Reichsstraße and Elisabethstraße. Within the perimeter development there is a small-scale existing development with a village character.

The cornerstones of the design are the preservation of the building structure of the former West LB building and a new development in Elisabethstraße. A more harmonious effect in the overall urban context of the block development is achieved by adapting the storeys to the surroundings.

The new buildings facing Reichsstraße and Elisabethstraße will house a medical centre, while the new buildings facing Reichsgasse will be used as flats.

PRADUS Medical Center, Düsseldorf
Conversion with partial demolition and extension
Project planning, LPH 1 to 5
2011 until 2014
21,500 sqm GFA
Client: Lanber GmbH

Architectural photo: Kai Pohler