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Headquarters Metro AG, Kiev
For the approximately 1,200 employees of the Ukrainian headquarters, an office building was planned in Kiev for the expanding Metro retail chain. It is a comb structure with four five-storey building blocks. The ground floor houses special areas such as the atrium, meeting and training rooms, showrooms and a restaurant.
Headquarters Metro AG, Bucharest
The rapid expansion of the Metro retail chain in Eastern Europe required a headquarters with a total of 1,050 employees in the Romanian capital Bucharest. The comb-shaped building consists of a 110-metre-long longitudinal structure and three adjoining transverse sections, all up to five storeys high with an additional basement for the underground car park.
Headquarters Metro AG, Moskau
Metro AG is one of the leading global retail chains. Its explosive growth made it necessary to build a head office in Moscow. The new 6-storey building for 700 employees consists of two offset structures enclosing a central atrium.