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Unsere Referenzprojekte

Mizal, Creative Campus WPP, Düsseldorf
MIZAL occupies a prominent place at the entrance to Düsseldorf's Media Harbour. As a modern office campus, the project follows the guiding principle of open and communicative working. A special feature is the maintenance-free closed-cavity façade, which is the largest in Germany.
Kutuzovsky International Center, Moskau
The Kutuzovsky International Center Moscow with a total area of 368,000 m² comprises two twin towers of approximately 180 and 200 m in height with 45 and 50 storeys as well as five separate nine-storey campus buildings. At its foot is a central plaza, an oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle of traffic.
EBV-Carré Aachen
EBV Carré, Aachen
Used only as a car park for over 20 years, the derelict area of the Old Bus Yard was given an appropriate urbanity again. The new construction of a hotel, an office building and a mixed-use commercial and office building was able to close the urban gap on an important access road to Aachen city centre as a new quarter.